There is a rich history surrounding the University and Canada over the past 150 years. Major historical events that impacted the country, also impacted the University. Our alumni include some of the best and brightest Canadians, including leaders of the country. Together, the University and Canada have grown up and our histories are deeply intertwined. In this section, we will be featuring content about individuals and events that helped shape not only the University, but the entire nation.


2017 also marks 50 Years of UTM, formerly known as Erindale College.

U of T Mississauga turns 50 in 2017


In recognition of Canada 150, campus archives and special collections came together to showcase their unique, diverse holdings within the context of 150 years of Canada’s historical narrative.

U of T Showcase 150 


The first pacemaker was co-invented by Dr. Wilfred Bigelow at the University of Toronto’s Banting Institute in 1950 (via The Globe and Mail):

A marvel of medicine near to Canada’s heart


The discovery of stem cells revolutionized medicine, including U of T’s Dr. Derek van der Kooy discovery of retinal stem cells, a finding being used to reverse blindness (via The Globe and Mail):

How the discovery of stem cells revolutionized medicine


U of T Engineering alum, Lewis Urry, invented the modern-day battery that powered the consumer electronics revolution (via The Globe and Mail):

How a Canadian engineer fuelled the battery industry


In 1866, 28 University College students saw military action in the defence of Canada at the Battle of Ridgeway on the Niagara Peninsula where Fenians had invaded:

Highly Promising Youths: Remembering the UC students who fell in the Fenian raids


In honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, The Canadian Jewish News is preseting profiles of some of the most prominent Jewish Canadians throughout our history, including several members of the U of T community:

Barbara Frum was known for having been incisive, fearless and fair

Remembering Bora Laskin: A giant on the Supreme Court

In ‘Final Quarter’ of life, Pachter wants to inspire young artists

Edwin Goodman: War hero, philanthropist and all around nice guy